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Best Essential Oils To Use This Winter

This year, the United States is going through record-breaking cold weather. Winter is always a challenging season especially for families with younger children. It can be easy to catch a cold or a mild case of sniffles if you are not careful enough. Thankfully, there are easy and safe ways to keep the entire family healthy. One of the best ways to ensure wellness is to use essential oils.    

Hundreds of studies show that essential oils are helpful in providing optimal health. Many oils, when used the right way, provides antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which can keep different viruses away. Here are some of the best essential oils that you can stock up to help you through the cold weather.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is made from the clean and fresh leaves of Eucalyptus. These are evergreen and tall trees with a distinct odor and taste. Eucalyptus has a potent content known as eucalyptol which has proven medicinal properties. Over the past hundreds of years, it is used as the main ingredient for inhalers, rubs, creams, and even mouthwashes. Eucalyptus essential oil is very effective in treating different health issues such as sinusitis, nasal congestion, cough, colds, and bronchitis.

Oregano Essential Oil

This essential oil is known to have an effective anti-fungal and antibiotic properties. Oregano is known to have several potent compounds including phenol, terpenoids, and terpenes. All these compounds play an important role to help stop bacteria, protect the body against various toxins, and reduce damage caused by free radicals. You can create a hand sanitizer made of oregano oil to help reduce the spread of diseases and colds in your home.

Frankincense Essential Oil

The immune boosting compounds of Frankincense oil helps in purifying your home and prevent diseases during the cold winter months. For thousands of years, Frankincense was once a very precious commodity due to its proven natural healing properties. Sourced from leaves, stems, and roots, Frankincense essential oil helps reduce stress, boost the immune system, and reduce pain and inflammation. Because of its antiseptic properties, make sure to diffuse Frankincense in your home during the cold months to help kill unwanted germs.

Hyssop Essential Oil

This essential oil has been used since ancient times to help provide remedies for a variety of illnesses. Today, Hyssop essential oil is a perfect companion during the summer months because of its known benefits to the respiratory system. Hyssop produces a woody, sweet, and herbal scent which helps reduce nasal congestion. It is also known to have antimicrobial, cicatrizant, diuretic, digestive, and expectorant properties which is important for those suffering from flu symptoms.

Lemon Essential Oil

There is no doubt that lemon is one of the best plants out there. During the winter months, using Lemon Essential Oil will also help you and your family in so many ways. This oil is perfect in fighting conditions such as fatigue, stress, and even insomnia. Because of its pain relief properties, it is utilized for ear pain which can be a common symptom when some is suffering from colds.

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