About Me

Staci is a full-time wife, mother of 2 darling boys and married for 7 years now to his high-school sweet heart by the name of Dan. She has an extended family of a 15 years old yellow Labrador named Misty and a loving cat by the name of Sophia who is already 11 years old. For some peculiar reason these 2 are best of buds and just can`t simply get enough of one another.

Staci works at a local healthcare provider while her husband works as an arborist in their family owned tree maintenance company. On her free time, she likes to go on outdoor type of escapades since she and her husband love the mountains, the beach and the wilderness. Like any other typical American family, they love to go on camping and immerse in the wilderness.  Her husband is an outdoors man who loves to fish, avid hunter and enjoys wild game.

Staci believes that her experience in her line of work has enlightened her to share some of the eye-opening things she has went through in healthcare. That is why she decided to help introduce and educate people of the benefits of essential oil can bring to our health.

She believes she owes it to anyone who is willing to listen and wishes to maintain good health to open their mind on how essential oil can help them pursue a healthier life.