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Ginger Essential Oil: Why You Should Use It

For thousands of years, Ginger has played an important role not only as a staple spice for many foods but also as a medicinal herb. This aromatic root spice belongs to the turmeric family and originated in Asia. During the spice trade, Ginger became an important commodity because it has been proven to be efficient in reducing different ailments.

Ginger is primarily used in its edible form as an aid for digestion. It creates a soothing and warming effect on the stomach once consumed. Often, it is used to relieve nausea and other similar symptoms. Today, this spice is used in thousands of dishes and recipes. Nevertheless, it has not lost its medicinal properties and still one of the most effective medicinal plants.

Ginger Essential Oil Properties

Ginger Essential Oil features a light yellow color and thin consistency liquid.  The exact scent that it produces may vary depending on the quality of the ginger and the distillation process.

Different Uses of Ginger Essential Oil

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider using Ginger Essential oil as it provides plenty of benefits. It can be applied topically, which is highly effective in relieving pain and aches. Moreover, many aromatherapy advocates also stand by the warming and soothing qualities of ginger. It is also very effective in improving digestion and soothing upset stomach. Thanks to the unique composition of Ginger, it has been proven dozens of times over to be one of the best essential oils in the market.

Relieve Bowel and Stomach Issues

Ginger helps improve proper digesting and is a good remedy for bowel issues such as flatulence, dyspepsia, stomach spasms, and indigestion. It is also quiet reliable in improving your appetite and can help people who are trying to gain weight.

Effective Versus Food Poisoning

Ginger Essential Oil contains carminative and antiseptic properties which are effective in treating food poisoning. It is also quiet good in the treatment of various bacterial dysentery and intestinal infections. In a scientific journal that was published by the Evidence-Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, it has been found that ginger essential oils are effective in reducing stress and nausea especially after stomach surgical procedures.

Pain Relief

For thousands of years, ginger played an important role in many cultural medicines. After all, ginger and ginger essential oil has been proven to reduce prostaglandins, these are compounds known to be associated with the feeling of pain.

Help in Respiratory Issues

When used for aromatherapy, it is effective in removing mucus along the throat and lungs. This is the reason why it has been used as a respiratory treatment for thousands of years. Ginger essential oil is good in relieving problems like flu, colds, cough, bronchitis, asthma, and even shortness of breath. Since it is an expectorant, it signals the brain to increase the secretions within the respiratory tract to lubricate the area and make breathing easier.

When used the right way, ginger essential oil may actually be your new best friend. It is after all one of the best oils for families to use. You can get your own ginger essential oil from this link! We also encourage you to follow our Instagram and Facebook for updates.

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