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Tea Tree Essential Oil and Its Benefits

Tea Tree Oil is one of the best essential oils that you can use for the entire family. The oil is derived from the leaves of tea tree and used since the ancient times because of its healing properties. Sailors in the 18th century named the plant tea tree because it has a distinct smell. It is believed to have a nutmeg-like aroma and came from the southeastern coast of Australia.

Tea tree oil has a variety of uses and can be used in different ways including topically (applying to skin), fight infections, and is a very effective fungicide. Another way to use it is to inhale its relaxing aroma as some people use it to treat respiratory infections when diluted with a warm bath.

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Uses of Tea Tree Oil

Fight Mild to Moderate Skin Problems – Numerous scientific publications have proven the effectiveness of tea tree oil in fighting acne. Research suggests that 5% tea tree essential oil is as effective as the constitution of a 5% benzoyl peroxide which is one of the main ingredients in treating acne. The best thing about using tea tree oil for acne is that it has less to no side effects. It is known to be less irritating to the face. You can apply tea tree oil on your face twice a day for at least 45 days to help reduce or control acne problems.

Fight Fungus

One of the best reasons to keep Tea Tree Essential Oil in your pantry is to reduce fungal infection such as Onychomycosis or nail infections. It can be applied topically twice daily for six months. This topical solution is also helpful for curing toe fungal infections. Research suggests that it is helpful in improving the appearance of the nails with continuous use for three to six months. 

Reduce Infections

Tea Tree Oil is helpful especially if you want to reduce the chances of catching different infections. Studies suggest that it is effective in reducing viruses and bacteria including E. coli, H. influenza, and S. pneumoniae. Many use a diluted tea tree oil hand sanitizer to kill bacteria and viruses which could stay for a long time on your palms.

Insect Repellant

Due to its unique smell, tea tree oil is helpful in keeping away insects. This is especially good if you and your family enjoy outdoor activities like hiking. In fact, in a study on animals, cows that are treated with tea tree oil solution is found to have 61% fewer flies surrounding it. Because tea tree oil is a natural ingredient, you do not have to worry about using harmful chemicals to keep bugs away.

Dandruff Control

Having dandruff can be embarrassing as dead skin can fall from the scalp can stay on your shoulders for the entire day. There are not a lot of studies that support the effectiveness of Tea Tree Oil versus dandruff but those who tried it swear by its efficacy. Try adding a few drops of tea tree oil with your shampoo to help reduce dandruff.

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