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Best Reasons To Use Jasmin Essential Oils

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One of the best ways to choose a perfect essential oil is to become familiar with its components and how it affects the body. There are plenty of essential oils in the market today, so understanding the different components and its effects will help you pick the best one. Many essential oils enthusiasts use them because they are helpful in stress relief and improving the mood. Probably one of the most effective for this purpose is Jasmin Essential Oil.

For thousands of years, Jasmin has been used as a medicinal plant and is known for its aromatic smell. The white flowers produce a romantic and sweet fragrance which has been used in dozens of different well-known perfumes.

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Jasmine Essential Oil is derived from Jasminun officinale. This flower thrives in tropical climates and is believed to originate somewhere in the Middle East. Today, due to its amazing fragrance, the use of Jasmin has evolved ever so much. It is a popular choice for those who want to get relief from different health problems including infections and depression.

Excellent Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oils

Using Jasmine Essential Oils in your home provides plenty of benefits. While some of these benefits may not be scientifically proven, it has been noted in numerous reliable studies.

Prevents Infections

Jasmine Flowers have been known for centuries to have antibacterial and antiviral properties. This fact has been proven in numerous studies including a published one in Journal of Ethnopharmcology. The flowers have components should as benzoic acid, benzaldehyde, and benzyl benzoate which are reliable bactericidal, fungicidal, germicidal, and antimicrobial compounds. When externally used, it can be good for applying on wounds as it eliminates the chances of developing infections. For aromatherapy, it is also good in reducing respiratory infections.

Relieves Depression

In a study released by the Department of Molecular Cardiology Cleveland, it was found that jasmine oil produces an appealing and relaxing fragrance. This unique aroma creates an uplifting effect on the mind which is excellent in control depression. Inhaling its sweet fragrance is believed to help a person become happy as it releases hormones such as pheromones and serotonin.

Decrease Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause is always a challenging time for women and using essential oils has been proven to reduce its symptoms. Due to its uplifting aroma and relaxing effects, Jasmine Essential Oil helps to control certain symptoms such as hot flashes, tension headaches, and fatigue. Combine Jasmine oil with other essential oils such as Rose and Lavender is even more effective in helping a person relax. Regular aromatherapy massages using Jasmin Essential Oil is recommended for women experiencing menopause.

Heal Wounds

Jasmine Essential Oil is proven to be an effective cicatrizant, meaning it is good in healing wounds and reducing scars. It is effective in various skin conditions including in the treatment of psoriasis thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Applying diluted Jasmine oil to wounds including cuts and small scratches will definitely help in faster healing and avoiding ugly scars.

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